Operating as a private trader through exists so you don’t have to worry about boring business bureaucracy.

You invoice your customers effortlessly and affordably at the same time as our knowledgeable team of experts takes care of the bureaucracy involved in entrepreneurship.


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    What is a private trader?

    A private trader is a partnership, meaning you become an entrepreneur. This means that you get a business ID, i.e. a company and community ID, and the benefits it brings. takes care of acquiring the business ID for you.

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    How to start a business?

    Setting up a company through is easy. You don’t have to fill in practically anything other than the information requested during registration. After this, prepares a notification of the establishment of a business for you to the Finnish patent and registration office. Once the notice is approved, you’ll receive your business ID, after which your entrepreneurial journey can begin!

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    Who is private trader entrepreneurship suitable for?

    Private trader entrepreneurship is suitable for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, wants to start their own business and focus on their own competence. Private trader entrepreneurship is especially suitable if your business is continuous and you are starting to have a broad enough customer base to secure activity.

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    Why start your own business?

    As an entrepreneur, you are free to decide in what way and how much you work. You’re your own boss! You also get a number of different benefits from entrepreneurship, depending on factors like your turnover. Benefits include VAT lower limit relief, start-up grants and entrepreneur deduction from your taxation. You can get more information about these benefits from our customer service or read more about them here.

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    Can I get a start-up grant as a private trader?

    As a private trader through, you get your own business ID and are therefore able apply for a start-up grant. Please note that it’s better to apply for a start-up grant before creating an account. Our customer service will be happy to help you apply for a start-up grant!

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    Can I work conventional jobs while working as a private trade entrepreneur?

    You can work other jobs while being a private trade entrepreneur. However, the employment contract should be reviewed in case it prevents you from having a part-time business. Activities competing with the employer are not allowed.


Things get clearer by trying. Registration as a light entrepreneur is free and does not commit you to anything.

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