FREE! Entrepreneurship is a brand new service, built to handle the boring bureaucracy of entrepreneurs!

While FREE! Entrepreneurship will handle your tax declaration and accounting, you as an entrepreneur can focus on growing your business. When you join our service, you’ll get an official business ID and you are able to send invoices with our software.

After that you will be officially a light-Entrepreneur with your own business ID!

Newsflash! We’ll report your tax and VAT returns starting from your registration month, not from the previous year.

Start your business today!

Business ID for free

Accounting for free for the rest of the year

Fast and easy setup

Possibility to get start-up grant for your business

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FREE! Entrepreneurship is a browser based accounting software, created to free you from the bureaucracy and shackles of entrepreneurship! We created a software that will handle accounting, fill your tax declaration and create financial statements for you

FREE! Entrepreneurship software allows you to create invoices for your customers, manage your expenses and increase your revenue. Our services will handle your tax declaration, accounting and financial statements. When you use FREE! Entrepreneurship software, you don’t have to know anything about accounting, since you can leave the mandatory side of entrepreneurship for us to handle!

FREE! Entrepreneurship is a continuum for our Light-Entrepreneurship service that already has over 9000 users!


Entrepreneurship is very rewarding if your business is well planned and the support structure is in order.

Entrepreneurship is supported in many ways in Finland and when you start your business, it’s possible to get a start-up grant from the state. Other benefits are for example 5 percent entrepreneur deduction from taxes and possible VAT relief for small businesses.

If your business is based especially around your own expertise and your income is stable, Light-entrepreneurship with business ID is the smart choice.

FREE! Entrepreneurship benefits:

  • Free Business ID
  • Free accounting untill the end of Feb 2021!
  • Prices from only 0-80€ per month, starting 1.3.2021
  • No cost FREE! academy, where you can learn the secrets of entrepreneurship
  • Possibility for start-up grant and VAT relief for small businesses



With FREE! Entrepreneurship it’s less stress and more chill!

Stressing can be hard even for the best of businesses and that is what we fight against at FREE!

  1. Registration to FREE! entrepreneurship-service and the legal founding of your business 0€
  2. When you get your Business ID, we’ll handle the accounting                    
  3. Suomi.fi authorization, so we can file all the tax declarations for you   
  4. Accounting for free to end of Feb 2021 and pricing starting from 20€/month from 1.3.2021

Prices starting from 1.3.2021

We have created flexible pricing for different sized businesses. We want to be sure that accounting won’t take too much of your income. This way you can maximize your income as FREE! Entrepreneur compared to other services.


  • < 10 000€ revenue 20€ per month
  • < 30 000€ revenue 40€ per month
  • < 50 000€ revenue 60€ per month
  • > 50 000€ revenue 80€ per month
Nauti ansaitusta rahasta

FREE! Entrepreneur service includes accounting, filing tax and VAT returns from the month of registration onwards. We charge 80 € / h + VAT for updating your current accounting for the ongoing financial year. The time required for this operation depends on how clearly your accounting has been done. The price also includes filing any tax and VAT returns that have been left over.

Anything else on your mind?

We are here for you! The most important thing to us is your business prospering!

Book a time below for free consultation and let us help you get started in your entrepreneurship journey. You can also chat with us in our FREE! -chat!

Questions and answers about entrepreneurship

What is a trade name entrepreneur?

Trade name business is official private entrepreneurship, which means that you will have a real company! Light-entrepreneur with a Business ID!

The Entrepreneur will have an official business ID and the benefits it brings. We will do the mandatory work for you!

Who can use FREE! Entrepreneurship?

FREE! Entrepreneurship is for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and wants to set up a business, but focus on their own expertise.

Entrepreneurship is for you if your business is continuous and your customer base is large enough to secure the trade.

Why be an entrepreneur?

As an Entrepreneur you can decide how much and how you work. You are your own boss! There are also many benefits for Entrepreneurs depending on your revenue. These include VAT relief for small businesses, start-up grant, Entrepreneur tax deduction.

Can FREE! Entrepreneur get a start-up grant?

To get the start-up grant you have to have an Business ID, which means you have to set up a Trade name. When you join FREE! Entrepreneurship you’ll get a free Business ID, which means you can also apply for a Start-up grant.
Notice that it’s best if you apply for the start-up grant before you create your FREE! Entrepreneurship account.

Why choose FREE! Entrepreneurship?
Our goal and intent is to be there for our entrepreneurs from start to the top and you can see this from our services. Our goal is to develop our service to match the needs of our users and this is the way to achieve our ambitious goal: be the best digital accounting company!

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