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Custom Service
Custom Service
02 03 323 45 (Mon-Fri 9-17)
We are here for you! Our customer service is intended for those who need more information about their questions. We help you register, send an invoice, withdraw your salary or take care of YEL insurance - all questions about self-employment are welcome!
Company Sales
Company Sales
02 03 323 46 (Mon-Fri 9-17)
Are you interested in employing a private trader or a light entrepreneur? Do you want to start an invoicing cooperation with us, letting us take care of the bureaucracy related to payroll management for you? Our sales team will answer your questions and guide you to employ self-employed people responsibly!

Contact's people

Founder - CEO
Joonas Tuompo
Customer Success - CCO
Nicola Nieminen
Technology - CTO
Ville Rontti
Marketing - CMO
Emil Kylämarkula
Light Entrepreneur PO
Anna Lindholm
Customer Service, B2B
Sabrina Kadah
People & Culture
Mia Neffling
Sales & Co-operations
Pete Pättiniemi

Would you like us to talk about the new winds of light entrepreneurship in your seminar?

Light entrepreneurship and self-employment is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age or industry. The industry professionals of the are ready to talk about light entrepreneurship and the new winds of entrepreneurship. Contact us at to book your host for the event!'s story Whatsapp