Light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurship is a form of work where you invoice your clients for the work done without having to start your own business or send your tax card to numerous employers.

With our light entrepreneurship service you can focus on the essentials, while we take care of all the boring bureaucracy. A light entrepreneur gets away with less work, and that’s the purpose!

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The calculator takes into account the service fee (4%) and -coverage (2.5%). Please note that you are obliged to pay YEL if your income as a light entrepreneur exceeds € 8261,71 per year. You can read more about YEL here.


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    What is light entrepreneurship?

    Light entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship without a business ID. When you’re a light entrepreneur you don’t need an accountant, debt collection services or any other bureaucracy, we take care of that for you. You send invoices for the work done in our app and you get paid through

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    For which fields is light entrepreneurship suitable?

    Light entrepreneurship is suitable for almost all fields of work. Popular areas in light entrepreneurship include:

    • Construction industry
    • Graphic design
    • Photography
    • Entertainment industry
    • IT and technology
    • Consulting
    • Sales and marketing

    Light entrepreneurship is not suitable for sectors that require a special license, such as:

    • Taxi industry
    • Health-care industry
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    Is light entrepreneurship or starting my own business better for me?

    If your business doesn’t require purchasing of equipment or materials, light entrepreneurship is probably a cheaper and easier option for you. If your business is broader, you need to employ others and your business requires the regular purchase of materials or machines, we recommend you take a look at our service for private trader entrepreneurs.

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    Can I work as a light entrepreneur if I've been laid off?

    You can work as a light entrepreneur even if you’ve been laid off. However, your employment is still valid, so you can’t do work that is harmful to your employer or start a competing company. You must also comply with professional secrecy. Light entrepreneurs are entitled to unemployment benefits if the work is interpreted as a side job. Regarding unemployment security, light entrepreneurs are interpreted as entrepreneurs.

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    What if I get sick?

    A light entrepreneur who is YEL-insured receives sickness allowance from Kela. If you have been quarantined or get sick with the coronavirus, you are entitled to an infection allowance. The amount of sickness allowance and infection allowance depends on the level of pension payments, which are determined by the declared YEL earnings. You can read more about the entrepreneur’s pension insurance here. Our customer service will be happy to help you with questions related to the entrepreneur’s pension insurance!

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    How do I start?

    Starting light entrepreneurship through is free of charge and does not bind you to anything. You can join our service either through your facebook account or by email. Once you’ve created an account, our app will guide you through filling out your information, creating customers, and filling out invoicing information.

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Things get clearer by trying. Registration as a light entrepreneur is free and does not commit you to anything.

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