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Light entrepreneurship pricing

Registration numberNo
Joining fee0€
Service fee4%
Quitting the serviceNo delay coverage2.5%
Tax deductions for purchasesNo
AccountingNot needed
Downloading payslipsYes

No monthly fees, no commitment.

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    What is light entrepreneurship?

    Light entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship without your own registration number. Light entrepreneurs do not need accountants, collection services or any other bureaucracy; takes care of everything. Send an invoice in‘s service and withdraw your salary – that’s it.

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    Which industries is light entrepreneurship suitable for?

    Light entrepreneurship is suitable for almost all industries. The most common industries are:

    • Construction industry
    • Delivery industry
    • Cleaning and maintenance
    • Creative industries
    • Events and entertainment industry
    • IT and technology
    • Consulting
    • Sales and marketing

    With certain limitations, light entrepreneurship is also suitable for:

    • Taxi industries
    • Nursing industry
    • Electricians

    Light entrepreneurship is not suitable for:

    • Real estate agents
    • Security industry
    • Work that requires a hot card

    If you are not sure whether light entrepreneurship is suitable for a certain industry, please contact us.

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    Is light entrepreneurship or my own business more suitable for me?

    If the work does not include equipment or material purchases, light entrepreneurship is probably a cheaper and easier option. If the business expands, requiring material and equipment purchases and hiring workers, we recommend reading more about private tradership.

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    Can I operate as a light entrepreneur if I am on furlough?

    You can work as a light entrepreneur if you are on furlough. Your employment is still valid, so you cannot take any work that will harm your employer. You also cannot start a competing business, and you must obey your non-disclosure agreement. Light entrepreneurs are entitled to unemployment benefits, if your business is considered to be part-time. Regarding unemployment benefits, light entrepreneurs are considered entrepreneurs.

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    What if I get sick?

    Light entrepreneurs with YEL insurance can get sick benefit from Kela. The amount of sick benefit depends on the YEL income that has been chosen. You can read more about entrepreneurs’ pension insurance here. Our customer service is happy to help with any questions regarding entrepreneurs’ pensions insurance!

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    How do I start?

    Starting light entrepreneurship through is free and does not oblige you to anything. You can join our service here by typing your name and email in their respective fields. Once your account has been set up, our application will guide you to complete your own information, and create your customer and invoice.

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Things get clearer by trying. Registration as a light entrepreneur is free and does not commit you to anything.

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