Pricing’s invoicing service handles all bureaucracy related to invoicing and running a business ID as a private trader. Get familiar with our transparent prices and the benefits the different products. offer affordable service fees, comprehensive insurance for all assignments (to light entrepreneurs), and valuable benefits that can be found in your user account after registering.


Light entrepreneurship


Light entrepreneurship is suitable for everyone. No monthly payments or other commitments – the easiest and cheapest way to invoice for work done! If you have no need to scale your business and just want to send invoices for the work done, light entrepreneurship is for you.

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Registering & Getting Started 0€
Monthly fee 0€
Business ID
Tax deduction for acquisitions
Accounting & bookkeeping
Multichannel customer service
Tax-free travel reimbursements

Private trader

Monthly fee from

Becoming a Private Trader for self-employed people. With a low monthly fee, you get access to Talenom’s comprehensive accounting service and broader opportunities to scale your business.

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Registering & Getting Started 0€
Monthly fee from €49
Business ID
Accounting and VAT declarations
Create, send, receive and pay invoices
Reports e.g. income statement and balance sheet information
Mobile application for managing financials


Service fee

Find assignments and gig-work free of charge! At Keikkapaikka, you can find the a work gig of your dreams that is suitable for freelancers and other self-employed people like yourself. Fill in your information and wait for our company partners to contact you. (Currently not available in English or other languages)

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Multichannel customer service
Transparency brings reliability services are the most
flexible and agile in the industry

You should compare different invoicing companies, but not be blinded by the prices. Always find out before using the service if the invoicing company is a stable company – that’s what is together with the power of Barona. Ukko and are both Premium-level invoicing companies and offer users the most comprehensive benefits and services in the industry.

Calculator: vs Ukko

Does your invoice include value added tax (VAT)?

Service fee (4%) and coverage (2.5%) / Ukko service fee (5%) and Ukko coverage (3%) are included in the calculator. Please note that you are obligated to pay YEL if your yearly income as a light entrepreneur exceeds 8575.45€. You can read more about YEL here.

How much does the service cost?
4% + 2.5%
5% + 3%
Will the staff answer your questions directly in the chat
When are the phone lines open?
9-18 every weekday
9-16 every weekday
Customer service in different languages
Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, Arabic
Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian

Personal orientations

Fastest growing

Deloitte top 50 scale-up company for 3 years in a row


Barona and Bravedo support

FAQ about pricing of services


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    What is included in's service fee?

    The price of our platform entails the service fee only when withdrawing money from your account, the benefits of our partners, administrative services, and the support of our customer service. Administrative services include payroll, use of the invoicing platform, the payment of your withholding tax to government authoratives, income register declarations and payment collection. We also want to be involved in promoting responsible work and we insure all our light entrepreneurs with our coverage, which includes accident, liability and legal expenses insurance. All of our light entrepreneurs are therefore always insured for the duration of their assignments. Reminder: you only pay the service fee and the coverage fee once your client has paid your invoice.

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    What does it cost to be a light entrepreneur in

    Invoicing as a light entrepreneur is a breeze. Once registered, you can create an invoice immediately without any opening fees. Furthermore, we do not charge any monthly fees for using the service, and there is no obligation to use the service to join. In addition, you can cancel the invoice you send via our service free of charge. is trusted by many light entrepreneurs and private traders, with more than 380 000 invoices sent through us.

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    How must should I be earning?

    With our payroll calculator, you can calculate how much money you get out of your invoice. The calculator tells you the amount you’ll net in wages in a matter of seconds. To use the calculator, you just need to know the amount to be invoiced, your tax rate and whether VAT is included in the price. Whatsapp