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FREE! is a full-stack invoicing service for the working life. We are here to help, whether you’re just kickstarting your career or already an experienced entrepreneur.

For those who are looking for additional talents and easier invoicing management that will help you to lower your expenses, we are here for you as well.

Feel FREE! to contact us to start our awesome journey together!

Light Entrepreneur Service

Light entrepreneur service allows you to work for multiple different clients easily. It is a flexible way to start your entrepreneurship -career, chase your dreams in touch with your everyday work or try out your business idea. You focus on the work that inspires you the most, we take care of the boring bureaucracy.


Entrepreneur service is directed to people that benefit from having a business ID. Entrepreneur service if for you if for example you benefit vat refund or you have a lot of purchases on your business. Bunch of boring gibberish right? Don’t worry, you get to focus on the things that inspire you the most, while we take care of the boring bureaucracy.


Talent service is made for you to market your skills. It is the meeting place for people to find the perfect talent to help in their need. It might be you, so chop chop, sign up now! It is totally FREE! of charge.

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