's story was founded in 2016 by the current CEO Joonas Tuompo. Behind every business there is always a story, and so is ours. Take a closer look at our story.

Light entrepreneurs have always faced challenges with new legislative guidelines, which made us focus back in the day on developing a platform that would meet the requirements of the law. Ever since a lot has happened and more than 31,000 self-employed people are already looking for freedom in working life through us.

About Us

Are you a light entrepreneur, a private trader, or just starting out on your entrepreneurial path? We offer a reliable, high-quality service that will make your everyday life easier. You can try our service by registering quickly and easily using the link below. Registration as a light entrepreneur is free and does not commit you to anything. is a invoicing service platform for self-employed people that offers comprehensive help for every stage of your working life. We offer invoicing services and accounting services for light entrepreneurs and private traders.
Everything is based on values's set of values

Every company has its own values ​​and we at believe that our values ​​correspond to our actions. The most important thing for us is that our Users get the best service that they each deserve.


Reliability’s services are of the highest quality. We invest in the skills and training of our experts and continuously improve our internal and external processes to ensure that our services are more than up to industry standards. We are always up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and legal obligations.



Every small business owner is important to us. Every person must be allowed the same opportunities and we serve every person with respect for every individual on an equal basis.



We are a partner that delivers on our promises. Every user should have an answer to their question and an explanation of their situation. We are here for them.



Everyone should have the freedom to choose how to do their job. We think, you should have complete freedom to be who you want to be. We support all self-employed people in Finland and speak for them.

The direction we steer towards is important's mission and vision

Mission: A customer-oriented invoicing platform

We want to make it possible for freelancers and other self-employed people, either light entrepreneurs or private traders, to have an effortless way to outsource tasks related to invoicing and accounting by offering a customer-oriented invoicing platform to our users.

Vision: To be the world’s best self-employment service platform's mission and vision & Responsibility Flow Bus co-operation & Barona Whatsapp