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Do you want your company to have a reputation as a modern employer, cost-efficient pay model through self-employment, and more pay for you workers? By using light entrepreneurship, you can achieve a significant competitive advantage and create a simple and easy solution to your company’s employment challenges.

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What does Miksi -light entrepreneurship offer companies?

Easier employment

Employing a light entrepreneur is easier, lighter and faster compared to a normal employment contract. light entrepreneurs are employed with an order contract based on the companies’ needs, either for gig work, seasonal work or a longer contract. takes care of the bureaucracy related to salary payments, taxes and insurance on behalf of the companies.

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A cost-efficient model

By employing a light entrepreneur, companies are able to obtain workers without the heavy side costs related to traditional employment. The savings from these side costs can be shared with the self-employed workers by paying them a larger salary. This larger salary results in greater net earnings for the light entrepreneur, which improves the company’s competitive edge. Contact us and we can calculate the most cost-efficient employment model for you!

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Save your time offers companies automation solutions, which significantly improve salary and financial management processes and save time for both the company representatives and light entrepreneurs.

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A modern employer?
Did you know that a modern employer offers workers more than one way of working? Currently, employment includes expectations of how the work will be done. This is why modern employment offers workers the freedom to choose between traditional employment or an assignment contract.

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Accident and liability insurances
Accident and liability insurances are included in’s service fees. These insurances enable us to ensure that employing a light entrepreneur is safe. We also want to make sure that every one of our light entrepreneurs has enough information about working as a light entrepreneur.

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Which fields is light entrepreneurship suitable for?


  • Construction
  • Transport industry
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Creative work and art
  • Events and entertainment
  • IT and technology
  • Consulting
  • Sales and marketing
Partially suitable:

  • Taxi industry
  • Healthcare
  • Electric work
Not suitable:

  • Real estate
  • Security
  • Hot work
If your industry is not mentioned above, please contact us.

Partners’ experiences

Superpesis team Joensuun Maila will employ their home game staff as light entrepreneurs instead of a traditional employment agreement this summer. Salary payment will be handled quickly and easily in this collaboration between JoMa and, making life easier for both Joensuun Maila and the light entrepreneurs. Because of this collaboration, JoMa is able to pay their staff a greater hourly wage.
Matti Lindholm

CEO, Super-Joma Oy

In the summer of 2023, Biketaxi will offer all of their summer workers the ability to choose between having a traditional employment agreement or being light entrepreneurs. Thanks to light entrepreneurship, Biketaxi’s drivers are able to work more freely and flexibly, and therefore earn more than they would with traditional employment. Biketaxi’s entrepreneurs want to offer everyone the opportunity to get aqcuainted with entrepreneurial working.

Miika Keihänen

Entrepreneur, Bike Taxi Oy

With a collaboration between and ProppUp, has enabled us to be able to offer all the services that light entrepreneurs truly need in order to do business. The most important thing to us in this collaboration is to lower the threshold of becoming an entrepreneur in the industry, be sure that our users who do contruction and renovation work are propely insured with accident and liability insurances, and to remove the burden of administrative work. We also got assistance with looking for test users, which helped us to get our operations started!
Noora Kuisma

CCO & Co-Founder, ProppU


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    What is light entrepreneurship?

    Light entrepreneurship is a form of working, where workers invoice a company or individual customer through’s invoicing platform. The invoicing platform is used to invoice for the work done instead of traditional employment.’s light entrepreneurs operate under an assignment relationship, and use an assignment contract, which is lighter than an employment contract.

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    What is the difference between an assignment contract and an employment contract

    Instead of an employment contract, light entrepreneurs have an assignment contract where the assignor is either a company or an individual. Therefore’s light entrepreneurs are not anyone’s employees – and the companies are not their employers. light entrepreneurs working under an assignment contract work entrepreneurially and enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship, such as flexibility, freedom and larger earnings.

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    What kind of companies use light entrepreneurship?

    Light entrepreneurship is favoured in industries that have a lot of seasonal fluctuation, or where the work is project-based. light entrepreneurship is especially popular in for example logistics, construction, IT, sales, and events industries. Nowadays light entrepreneurship and self-employment are preferred by many people who do expert-work.

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    How can my company benefit from light entrepreneurship? light entrepreneurship offers solutions to companies’ employment challenges. It is no longer necessary to employ gig, part-time or summer workers with traditional employment with its side-costs and bureaucracy, but instead they can be employed as light entrepreneurs according to the company’s needs. Using light entrepreneurs saves money for the company, therefore enabling the company to pay workers a larger compensation for their work.

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    How does light entrepreneurship improve a company's competitive advantage?

    By employing and preferring light entrepreneurs, companies are able to find workers easily and without heavy side-costs – according to their own needs. By employing many self-employed workers, the savings made by companies on a yearly level are significant. These savings can be distributed as a more competitive salary, or be reinvested in the business. Contact us and we will calculate the most cost-efficient employment model for you!

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    What kind of salary are light entrepreneurs paid?

    Negotiating a salary with a light entrepreneur is completely based on a mutual agreement between the assigner and the light entrepreneur. However, it should be noted that unlike in an employment contract, the light entrepreneur is responsible for their own social security like any other entrepreneur.

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    Social security for light entrepreneurs

    Light entrepreneurs are responsible for their own social security just like all other entrepreneurs. It is mandatory to take YEL insurance if the amount invoiced over a 12 month period is over 8575,45 euros (vat 0%) (2023). Entrepreneurs can decide the level of their YEL insurance.

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    Who insures light entrepreneurs? light entrepreneurs are insured with accident and liability insurances. In the event of an accident, treatment can be acquired quickly through the Fennia nurse. Our liability insurance covers damages up to 1 000 000 euros.

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