Light entrepreneurship is a modern way of employing oneself and growing in popularity every year
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Light entrepreneurship is a modern way of employing oneself and growing in popularity every year. Hiring light entrepreneur or a private trader as an asset doesn’t require an employment relationship. Hiring self-employed people as workers is a versatile solution and therefore an excellent option for every company that needs new workforce. Hiring a gig worker – whether it’s a light entrepreneur or a private trader – does not bind you to a traditional employment relationship, this way the work will be done on contract/assignment basis.

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Hire a freelancer as a light entrepreneur

Light entrepreneur is a risk free and cost-effective solution

Light entrepreneurship is a form of working as a self employed person that is growing in popularity every year. A light entrepreneur is a self-employed person who uses an invoicing service to invoice their work. Freelance workers can also use an invoicing service. Any individual can be a light entrepreneur. There is no need for a Business ID as a light entrepreneur – the light entrepreneur uses’s Business ID as their Business ID.

Hiring a light entrepreneur as a freelancer or a gig worker does not require the establishment of an employment relationship – remember however to make a written agreement of the assignment to be done. A light entrepreneur is a versatile solution if you have the right person for the assignment and therefore an excellent option for any company that needs new employees or an extra hand during a high-season. Hiring a gig worker or freelancer – whether a light entrepreneur or a private trader – is not as binding on the client as a traditional employment relationship, making it less financially risky for the client company.


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Improve your company’s competitiveness

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FAQ about employing freelancers and gig-workers

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    How can the invoicing company help me employ freelancers?

    Employing a self-employed person or freelancer is a straightforward way to achieve your employment goals. Light entrepreneurs and private traders are always employed on an assignment basis according to the needs of the business, for example for gigs, seasonal work or longer-term assignments. takes care of all the bureaucracy related to the self employed payroll, taxes and insurance on behalf of the light entrepreneur and private trader. In this way, the employer can ensure that all legal obligations are properly taken care of.

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    How do I employ a self-employed person?

    Employing a self-employed person is easy, you just need the right person to do the job and a contract of employment.

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    Is it efficient to employ a self-employed person?

    By employing a certified self-employed person, your company can get a worker without heavy payroll costs such as freelance payroll accounting. The resulting savings on administrative work for the company can be shared with the self-employed in the form of higher compensation. The higher compensation allows the self-employed workers to earn a higher net income and the higher price level you can offer increases therefor the competitiveness of your company.

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    Does employing freelancers and self-employed people save time? offers automation solutions for companies, which allow to significantly simplify the payroll and financial management processes of companies, saving time for both company representatives and light entrepreneurs as well as private traders. If you employ several freelancers at the same time, you should ask us about our invoice automation options – instead of several freelance related invoices, you will receive one invoice to pay and we will take care of the rest.

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    Is employing a freelancer a good way to employ people?

    A modern employer offers working people more than one way to work. The modern work offering, as well as the work itself, involves expectations about how the work is done. For this reason, modern employers offer their workers and job-doers the freedom to choose between a traditional employment relationship and a commission relationship, for example as a freelancer, light entrepreneur or private trader.

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    Is it responsible to employ a gig worker? service fees include accident, liability and legal expenses insurance to ensure that employing a light entrepreneur as a freelancer is safe and responsible. We also want to ensure that every self-employed person has enough information about working as a self-employed person together with you.

Find the right person for your needs

Find the right person for the job in a cost-effective way, without any commitment to the job. With, Finland’s fastest growing invoicing service, you’ll find self-employed people who are easy, fast and hassle-free to employ. Whether your business needs a gig or seasonal worker, or you’re planning a potentially longer-term assignment, hiring a light entrepreneur or private trader is a flexible and versatile solution.

We take care of all the bureaucracy involved in paying wages, taxes and insurance on your behalf. This way you, as the principal, can be sure that all the legal obligations of the light entrepreneur are properly taken care of. We also help you determine the right price for any assignments – we are completely against dumping assignment prices and so should you.

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