FREE! is a full-stack invoicing service for the working life which is there to help whether you’re just kickstarting your career or already an experienced entrepreneur.

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Signing up

Signing up is free of charge, yay! Also, it doesn’t obligate you to anything. So feel free to try.


Sending invoices

Sending invoices is free of charge, yay! Also, you can delete your sent invoices without any extra costs.


Service fee

The service fee is charged when your client has paid the invoice. In addition to service fee, we charge mandatory insurances (2.5% + vat).

Light entrepreneur service

Light entrepreneur service allows you to work for multiple different clients easily. It is a flexible way to start your entrepreneurship -career, chase your dreams in touch with your everyday work or try out your business idea. You focus on the work that inspires you the most, we take care of the boring bureaucracy.

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Entrepreneur service

Entrepreneur service is directed to people that benefit from having a business ID. Entrepreneur service if for you if for example you benefit vat refund or you have a lot of purchases on your business. Bunch of boring gibberish right? Don’t worry, you get to focus on the things that inspire you the most, while we take care of the boring bureaucracy.

Newsflash! We’ll report your tax and VAT returns starting from your registration month, not from the previous year.

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Feel FREE! to ask

The endless well of knowledge is here. Or FAQ. Whichever you prefer.

Learn to enjoy entrepreneurship

FREE! Academy is an education platform for light entrepreneurs who seek to learn more about entrepreneurship – with or without business ID.

Every job needs a talent

Talent service is made for you to market your skills. It is the meeting place for people to find the perfect talent to help in their need. It might be you, so chop chop, sign up now! It is totally FREE! of charge.

FREE!kly news

FREE x FenniaNurse

Did a hammer drop on your toes in the middle of a work assignment? Did something drop on your helmet while doing a gig? Who do I inform, how do I get treatment and what does it cost?   We are glad to inform that all the customers of FREE! get an opportunity to use...

The e-invoicing law will be renewed on 1.4.2020

The EU directive on e-invoicing law will be reformed as of April 1st, 2020. The purpose of the change is to consolidate e-invoicing and harmonize trading. At FREE! we have been handling e-invoicing since we started our company, making it easier for us to for example...

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