A light entrepreneur’s tips for getting the first assignment

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A light entrepreneur’s tips for getting the first assignment
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As a light entrepreneur, getting your first assignment might feel challenging if you don’t know where to begin. How can you find work? With these tips, you can easily start your career and find suitable assignments!

Make your own skills known

Selling your own knowledge requires the skills to market yourself. Now it is time to forget being humble and understating your own skills. Tell everyone about your knowledge and let other people compliment you! Be prepared to present your work to prove your skills. You can show your competence in the form of a presentation or portfolio. The social media or a website can function as an excellent platform for sharing your work

A beginning light entrepreneur does not necessarily have referees, in which case it is worthwhile to display your skills. In social media, you might get the first assignment from an acquaintance, and therefore it might be easier to ask for references. In the FREE Talent -community, a light entrepreneur can build their potential clientele!

Show your competitive advantage

In addition to your knowledge, it is useful for a light entrepreneur to show your competitive advantage. Whether it is precision, work experience, education or interaction skills. How can you stand out from others and why should a client choose a light entrepreneur? The competitive advantage can be crucial in getting the first assignment.

Having trouble finding a competitive advantage? Ask your own target group to find out what they think is significant when choosing a service. Develop your operation to meet demand. For a beginning light entrepreneur or sole proprietor, it is useful to familiarise oneself with drafting a business plan and consider one’s competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurs as a network

Make a network with other light entrepreneurs. Other entrepreneurs can offer you peer support and, most importantly, potential clients. A light entrepreneur may also get tips from how they have got their first assignment. LinkedIn is a useful platform for growing the network and for finding suitable assignments. You can also network in person. Attend events, get to know entrepreneurs and give them your contact information.


Being active is rewarded! Contact potential clients in your target group. Many people might realise during the phone call that they need what the light entrepreneur can offer and that they haven’t found it or didn’t know it exists. The clients won’t come knocking on your door, even if there is demand. The assignments might be hidden, which is why it is worthwhile to be active.

Are you nervous about picking up the phone? Make concise notes so you won’t forget to bring up what you want. What services are you offering? What is your competitive advantage? What benefits do you offer? Be prepared for answering questions and rejection. Most importantly, believe in yourself and your knowledge so that you can convince your clients. We can promise you that after the first phone call the nervousness will wear off slowly.

How can a light entrepreneur get started?

  1. Share your knowledge
  2. Consider your competitive advantage
  3. Draft a business plan
  4. Build a network
  5. Contact clients
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