The light entrepreneur’s tips for cost-effective marketing

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The light entrepreneur’s tips for cost-effective marketing
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Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. A light entrepreneur can focus on the essential, but how to find clients? Most importantly, how can the clients find the light entrepreneur? With these tips, you can get started with marketing your skills as a light entrepreneur!

Be visible and available

For the customers to get the service they need, they have to be able to find it. Via websites, the light entrepreneur can advertise their service, knowledge and how and when they are available. For the website and contact information to be found easily, it is useful to optimise your website. That’s why it is worthwhile to pay attention to suitable key words as well as a functioning and clear website.

Harness the social media

Social media is an effective marketing tool – if you can harness it. For a light entrepreneur, it is easy to start marketing in social media. However, it is no use offering everything to everyone, and therefore it is most beneficial to target your social media advertisements to your target group only. There are several social media platforms for different purposes, so choose your site carefully and produce suitable content.

Remember the power of networks

Networks are an excellent and cost-effective way to connect an interested client and a light entrepreneur. Get in touch with acquaintances from your work and build new networks. Somebody is definitely looking for what you can offer, and they might be closer than you think.

Draft a marketing plan

A carefully drafted plan is half the work. It is useful to draft a marketing plan before starting the actual work. The plan clarifies the goals and the operations of the light entrepreneur to achieve the goals. A marketing plan is part of the business plan. The purpose is to recognise the target market, competitors and draft a marketing strategy.

Instructions for the marketing plan of a light entrepreneur

1. Set goals for one year. The marketing plan is normally made for a year, although large plans might span a few years. Try to make concrete goals. A goal might be, for example, increasing your sales by x%.

2. Recognise your most important target groups. What are your clients interested in? What is the target group of your marketing like? Identifying your target group influences your choice of marketing platform and means.

3. Create a marketing strategy that will take you towards your goals. What kind of content do your clients want to see and how do your clients view your service? Take the current market situation into account. Are there competitors in the field and how can you stand out? What do you plan to do in practice to reach your clients? Concrete examples include marketing in the social media and via e-mail or optimising your websites.

4. Choose your marketing channels and calculate a budget. Social media platforms and e-mail marketing are cost-effective. When making a choice, consider the target groups you have identified earlier. What marketing channels do your target groups use? Create a suitable budget for a year.

5. Measure your results. Keep in mind the goal you set earlier. Are they taking you towards your goals? Adjust your marketing methods and budget if necessary. Whatsapp