Reimbursement of the travel expenses

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Reimbursement of the travel expenses
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A light entrepreneur who uses a billing service can be reimbursed for travel expenses. As a result, the taxation of the light entrepreneur and the travel expenses of the light entrepreneur are reduced. Were you already aware of what expenses are included in the travel expenses of light entrepreneur?

Travel expenses for a light entrepreneur

The light entrepreneur’s travel expenses include mileage allowances, as well as other allowances included in the light entrepreneur’s business trips. Reimbursement of travel expenses should be discussed with the customer if the light entrepreneur receives them as a salary or tax-free. Mileage allowances and other travel expenses for a light entrepreneur are added to the invoice when it is created. The travel expenses of a light entrepreneur are reimbursed to the light entrepreneur tax-free.

According to the Tax office, a business trip means “Business trips are temporary, and made to a special place on account of work tasks. Such a special place of work is one where an employee works on a temporary basis only”.

An invoice must be presented for the travel costs, showing the travel expenses of the light entrepreneur. The invoice must clarify aspects such as the purpose of the trip, the mode of travel, the start and end times of the trip and, if necessary, the route of the trip. If the worker completes the commute in a personally owned vehicle, the kilometer allowances can be paid. If the worker uses public transport, the ticket can be reimbursed with a receipt. If the business trip is longer, a daily allowance or meal allowance can be paid depending on the industry sector. Whatsapp