Pros and cons of light entrepreneurship

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Pros and cons of light entrepreneurship
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Light entrepreneurship is a great way to try your business idea. Are there any risks in light entrepreneurship? What should you consider before starting? What are the pros and cons of light entrepreneurship?

Pros of light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurship is an easy way to put entrepreneurship into practice. handles all the bureaucracy on behalf of light entrepreneurs, while light entrepreneurs can focus on their work. If accounting and assessments are confusing, light entrepreneurship is a great option!

Light entrepreneurs are free to do their work according to their own schedule and according to their own ways. In addition to working hours, light entrepreneurs also negotiate their wage.

Light entrepreneurship is also a risk free way of self employment. Light entrepreneurs only pay costs to the service when they invoice their customers. There are no maintenance costs and starting as a light entrepreneur is free.

Light entrepreneurship is suitable for various different industries. It is also suitable for students, underage, unemployed, pensioners and also for people, who are traditionally employed. It is basically suitable for everyone.

Light entrepreneurship can be a primary or secondary job. For example a student can work as a light entrepreneur alongside their studies. A student that works as a light entrepreneur can receive extra within their own schedule.

The world is constantly changing and the working life changes with it. Employment and employability through our service are flexible ways to develop the processes of both parties.

Cons of light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurs who work without business ID are not able to get a startup grant.
⇨ When light entrepreneur gets the business ID, experience on light entrepreneurship can be valuable when applying for the startup grant.

Some people argue that light entrepreneurs receive less money because of the service fees by service providers. Light entrepreneurs define their invoices and also their wage.
⇨ Light entrepreneurs have a possibility to earn more than traditionally employed, if they set the price considering all the costs.

In various conversations light entrepreneurs are located in the middle ground of entrepreneurs and traditionally employed.
⇨ Light entrepreneurship is an established form of work also in the conception of the authorities. Light entrepreneurship is not a question of opinion, but there can be differences of opinion.

Light entrepreneurship is not possible in some licensed areas, like social services, health care and taxi industry.
⇨ Light entrepreneurship is suitable for many people on many different areas. It is popular in industries like consultant, sales, construction and cleaning.

People can accumulate their employment condition from only one unemployment fund in social security. Let’s say that a person who is both an entrepreneur and in a traditional employmentship remains unemployed. Person’s gross income will only be one of the other.
⇨ For this reason, the CEO of Joonas Tuompo mentions combined insurance, so the social security is based on real income. Whatsapp