My name is, and I am 5 years old

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My name is, and I am 5 years old
Articles  »  My name is, and I am 5 years old is celebrating its 5th birthday this year. started its operations on May 1, 2017. The name was originally Freelancer-laskutus, which now is Free-Laskutus Oy. is an abbreviation of Free-Laskutus Oy. currently employs almost 40 people and offers a free employment model. provides work in various work models, such as private trader, light entrepreneur, employee, and limited company. wants to offer every employee the freedom to choose the form of employment, as it is part of’s values.

The future and goals of

Joonas, CEO of, believes that we will offer a broader range of services that make everyday life easier for entrepreneurial people and their customers in the future. He states that’s goal is to be the largest and best service in the world, and all other plans serve this larger entity. community’s staff has described as open, relaxed, and interactive. has a great team with an open atmosphere. is an excellent place to work, which offers many different opportunities. Joonas described as innovative, friendly, and relaxed.

“ has the best work community and the people who work here” – Joonas 

We got to celebrate’s birthdays with all the staff. So to celebrate our birthday, we got to try curling, eat well, and enjoy each other’s company. ryhmäkuva Whatsapp