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GreenMobility operates a 100 % electric carsharing platform. “The system works as a free-float platform, because collecting and returning the car are not combined to the same place”, says the City Manager of GreenMobility Tomas Basili. All of the cars of GreenMobility are electric cars, which are compact to drive even in the busy urban areas.

Everything started from Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016. From there GreenMobility has grown its operations to Finland, Sweden and Belgium. GreenMobility cars allow driving flexibly. You can book and drive the car based on minutes, hours, days or even weeks according to your own needs. The meaning of GreenMobility is to grow their operations and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions through its operations. “We offer a green way to drive. We strive for people to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions through this”, says Basili. Electric cars are charged with wind power. The cars are also manufactured using as much recycled materials as possible.In Finland GreenMobility operates in Helsinki. However, it does not restrict car travel elsewhere, as long as the journey begins and ends in Helsinki. Almost everything – except for driving – happens from the GreenMobility -app. You can find precise information and guidance for parking and charging from the app, so that driving would be as easy as possible. You can charge the car at Helen and Virta -charging stations. And you can park the car in Helsinki in the HotSpot -parking spaces, which are reserved for GreenMobility cars only. Charging, parking and insurance are included in the price.“GreenMobility is an excellent choice for those who are on the move a lot”, says Basili. It can be important for entrepreneurs to move from one place to another: “Entrepreneurs do not have to commit themselves to one place”, mentions Basili. Log in to and get to know the benefit from GreenMobility and read the instructions below on how to use GreenMobility.


  1. Open the app and find the most charged car nearest your location.
  2. Reserve the car in the app (first 20 minutes of reservation is free, afterwards the price for reserving the car is 0,13€/min.)
  3. You go to the car. Unlock the car via the app when you’re right next to it.
  4. Place your phone in the phone-holder for easy access to directions and the needed Apps.
  5. During pick-ups or drop-offs (parking in general) you do a “stop-over”, meaning the car will lock while you’re away from the car. This is done in the GreenMobility app. Make sure you exit the car first and properly close all the doors before doing a ”stop-over”.
  6. Should the battery percentage of the car you’re using get close to 10%, then you should park and plug-in the car at a charging station. Then choose another fully/mostly charged car and continue. You will continue using your package when choosing another car.
  7. When you are finished doing deliveries you preferably park the car at a charging station. They’re easy to find. But if you’re having difficulties finding one, you can see all public charging stations at or
  8. Use the Helen card in the glove compartment to use the charger. Remember to return the card afterwards.
  9. Grab the charging cable from the trunk of the car and plug in the car.
  10. When the car is plugged in and the Helencard is safely back in the glove compartment you can end your trip in the GreenMobility app. Make sure you exit the car first and properly close all the doors before ending the trip. Whatsapp