Get the most out of light entrepreneurship

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Get the most out of light entrepreneurship
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Light entrepreneurship is an effortless alternative for entrepreneurship and a chance to employ yourself. As a light entrepreneur, you may realise your work dreams and try out your business idea. Even though it is an established form of working, there are plenty of related questions. Is light entrepreneurship useful? Yes, it is. How to get the most out of light entrepreneurship? Let us tell you!

Realise your dream

Do you feel nervous becoming an entrepreneur? As has been stated, a light entrepreneur can realise their dream with the invoicing service risk-free and without founding your own company. Light entrepreneurship gives you the chance to try it easily. Everyone has their own work dream, which deserves to come true! A light entrepreneurship may focus on their own skills and doing the work they want to. Check out the dreams and experiences of other light entrepreneurs.

The expenses and deductions of a light entrepreneur

A light entrepreneur does not pay extra. Joining is free, and the light entrepreneur doesn’t pay the so-called maintenance costs. The expenses of the light entrepreneur are the service fee 4% and an extra service fee 2.5% which they will only pay when charging. Both the service fee and extra service fee are tax deductible, however, so the light entrepreneur can deduct them in their personal taxation.

New skills casually

Light entrepreneurship teaches entrepreneurship casually and gives you the opportunity to try out entrepreneurship. The light entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about taxes or other complications related to billing. However, if the work as a light entrepreneur turns out to be your calling, you can easily become a private trader. If you do that via, we will take care of your business ID and bookkeeping for you. Light entrepreneurship is an excellent stepping stone to realising your own dream!

Support from experts

As a light entrepreneur, you won’t be alone. You will get support from the experts of via the chat, e-mail or telephone. Our customer service is happy to help you if you have questions. offers support so that the users can work as smoothly as possible! Whatsapp