Light entrepreneur tax deductions – take these into account when filing your tax return

17.3.2022 | FREEkly news EN

The taxation of a light entrepreneur includes tax deductions. Light entrepreneurs have the right to apply for tax deductions in their personal taxation. In personal taxation, it is possible to claim expenses that the billing service cannot make on behalf of the light entrepreneur.

Light entrepreneur taxation

The light entrepreneur’s tax-deductible expenses include the invoicing service fee plus any additional service fees. Other tax-deductible expenses also include the YEL fee, a possible health insurance fee, travel expenses under certain conditions, and a possible workroom and equipment deduction. In addition, study and self-training expenses can be claimed as tax deductions in light entrepreneur’s own personal taxation.

When travel expenses have included taxable events, they can be claimed through tax returns as deductible income acquisition expenses in the personal taxation of a light entrepreneur. A light entrepreneur is entitled to apply for a workroom deduction, as well as a tax deduction for office furniture and work-related supplies, including tools. With the ongoing covid-19 situation, face masks are also tax-deductible expenses for a light entrepreneur. The only condition to receive the tax deduction from the purchase of face masks is that the light entrepreneurs buy the face masks themselves.

In addition, work-related study, and training expenses, such as participation and course material fees, can be claimed by light entrepreneur’s taxation, through deductions in the light entrepreneur’s own personal taxation. Expenses for study and training must be paid by the light entrepreneurs themselves, and the connection of the education material and work must be clarified.

The taxation of a light entrepreneur includes a deductible own-liability. A light entrepreneur can apply for a tax deduction for expenses when the total amount of tax-deductible expenses exceeds 750 EUR. However, the taxpayer always considers the expenses to be deducted on a case-by-case basis.

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