Producing videos as a light entrepreneur

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Producing videos as a light entrepreneur
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  • Main job: Chief Operating Officer,
  • Second job: Videographer, light entrepreneur.
  • Creative work – a counterbalance to the everyday life!

Emil Kylämarkula started working at after his acquaintance, Joonas, introduced him to the company. For six years, Emil and Joonas worked under the same roof in several different companies. “We already knew each other and then became friends.” Emil has worked for about a year and a half at, and is the Chief Operating Officer of the company. “I communicate with the department managers and ensure that we are keeping in line with the strategy. I also make sure that everyone knows what their role is at and feels at ease in our community.”

Aside from his main job, Emil also works as a light entrepreneur. As a one-time entrepreneur, passionate about video production, Emil decided to begin directing, filming and editing as a light entrepreneur. “It’s mostly a one-man show.”

From enthusiasm for cameras to light entrepreneurship

Self-taught Emil says he’s been fascinated by cameras ever since childhood. Emil’s earliest memories are about making skateboarding videos with his friend group, him acting as the cameraman. The long-standing passion has stayed with him for years. Later on, e.g. Youtube has been a great learning platform for Emil.

Since Emil has to grasp larger concepts in his day-to-day job as the Chief Operating Officer, producing videos can bring balance to his everyday life. “My day-to-day job and light entrepreneurship work really well together since I get to work more with my own hands as a light entrepreneur. I have invoiced all my video production projects through, since it’s the easiest way to do side jobs.”

Light entrepreneurship has also had a positive effect on Emil’s well-being. “I am so thankful and happy to be able to work both as an employee and a light entrepreneur. As a light entrepreneur, I get to experience only the upside of entrepreneurship.”

Realising your dreams without the commitment

Emil says that people are the best part about working as a light entrepreneur. “I get to meet different people and work alongside my friends.” In addition to people, each video is different. The changing work environment makes his experience as a light entrepreneur more versatile, as well. “As a formula fan, it was an incredible experience to have the chance to film the race in Monaco,” Emil recalls.

Emil thinks that everyone should be a light entrepreneur. “As a light entrepreneur, you can fulfill your dreams in work life without the commitment. It’s cool to work here since I have trust in the way works.” Whatsapp