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Have you already participated in the Flow Festival ticket draw? Free people now have a great chance to win tickets to the Flow Festival because we raffle off 10 Saturday tickets for two among our users. The draw will take place on July 15, after which we will contact the winners personally.

Click here for the raffle on Facebook and see detailed information on how to participate!

Did you know we are involved in this year’s Flow Festival? You can find our black tent in the festival area, where the artists will perform. Artists who perform there will be announced later.

Did you see footage from the 360 ​​filming location at the Creator Awards? If not, take a look here. This exact 360 ​​filming location will also be seen at the Flow Festival in our area. In addition, we will bring a pink Klein bus to the festival area, where festival-goers can paint their work of art. The bus will be auctioned for charity at the end of the festival. The bus is called “Work of Freedom” because the theme of our area is freedom. These and much more are coming in our area, so stay tuned.

Whistle while you work – Spotify playlist of’s Flow Festival

Now you can work while singing along to’s Flow Festival Spotify playlist. On the list, you will find a diverse range of domestic and foreign artists you can see and hear at the Flow Festival. Take the list as a follow-up so that it goes with you everywhere. Listen and get energy for your day!

You can find the Spotify playlist here.

Flow Festival

Vesala, Burna Boy, and Jamie XX. Do you recognize these artists? You can hear and see these and many more at this year’s Flow Festival on August 12-14 in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Flow Festival is full of both international and domestic artists. In addition, Flow Festival also provides space for new talent and the latest phenomena.

Flow Festival was held for the first time in 2004 when it was held at the old VR warehouses in the center of Helsinki by the Nuspirit Helsinki team. “Flow Festival is today’s internationally acclaimed, responsible festival and event brand. At the heart of Flow Festival are good music, enduring values, self-contained art, quality food, great lighting design, and an ambitious and responsible festival production.” – Flow Festival Whatsapp