Wanna join the FREE!volution?

Do you want to be in the driver’s seat in the change of the working life? Are you eagerly waiting to join the revolution transforming the world into an easier place to be an entrepreneur, express yourself and pursue your dreams? And have fun while doing all of the above?
If you answered yes to all – hit us up with an open application to join our awesome team! We’re the fastest growing company in our industry (at least we feel that way and yes, those business figures look pretty nice too), which means there’s a need for more talent while the business continues to grow.
So don’t be a stranger! Let us get to know you with a little freestyle introduction that you can drop to us here:

FREE! Training program

Our trainee program offers students the opportunity to put the skills they have learned in school into practice. At the same time, it is a great place to show your skills! Internships places are open variably depending on the department you’d be working in, so go on – send that open application to emil@free.fi and let’s see what you’ve made of!

FREE-Laskutus Oy

Perhonkatu 6 A, 4th floor
00100 Helsinki
Business ID 2768169-4

Customer Service

+358 (0) 203 323 45 (mon-fri 9-17)
CHAT (mon-fri 9-20)

+358 (0) 203 323 46 (mon-fri 9-17)

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