Do you want to make working life smarter?

Are you interested in updating your working life to be a little more smooth and balanced? Do you want to be a part of transforming the world into an easier place to be an entrepreneur in, fulfill yourself and pursue your dreams? And have fun while doing the above?

If you answered yes, you could be the person we’re looking for. We are the fastest growing company in our industry (at least according to us), which is why our team is constantly in need of new workers.

Freely tell us about yourself at: emil(at)

Open positions

  • Customer service expert
Send application: emil(at)

Trainee program

The program is suitable for a motivated worker who is completing an internship with a school, is a recent graduate, or is looking for a new direction.

Even if application wouldn’t be currently running, an open application can be sent to emil(at)


Things get clearer by trying. Registration as a light entrepreneur is free and does not commit you to anything.

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