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Previously we published an article about what happens to entrepreneur or light entrepreneur once the coronavirus epidemic strikes. FREE! rolled up their sleeves and set up a ‘From a Light entrepreneur to an occasional helper’ named service. The purpose of the service is to help thousands of light entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs and all self-employed people who have lost their occasional work.

Service free for everyone!

Light entrepreneurs occasional work helper works at the korona-apu.fi website and offers to light entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs from whom the epidemic and its precautions have taken jobs. The service is open for all entrepreneurs and private individuals.

-It does not depend on which billing service you use or if you are a light entrepreneur at all. We invite everyone to join! states the CEO of FREE!.

At the same time, the service also provides emergency assistance to sectors that temporarily need more workforce. Even a single occasional work may be valuable to someone who is in an exceptional situation.

-In this situation for example non-governmental organizations, healthcare and security companies will need additional workforce.  We also give advice on who will compensate for the loss of earnings when a virus or its financial difficulties strike a light or small entrepreneur, Tuompo adds.


Exceptional times require exceptionally agile action!

One of the first companies to join was Zildren, a childcare provider. Emil Lindholm, who was found during the campaign, immediately got work as the coordinator of Korona-apu.fi.

-The Corona assistance service came timely for me after the completion of my previous duties. The service enables quick and flexible work and labor availability, Lindholm describes the service’s rapid response capability.

The team is constantly working in order for the right job and worker to find each other as fast as possible.

-People’s urge to work has not disappeared and it has to be supported in any way possible, adds Lindholm.

To make it even easier to reconcile work and the worker, you can use the global marketplace freetalent.fi where you can place orders or make a sales announcement of your expertise. The traffic on FreeTalent has increased and new announcements are made daily.

-It is amazing that we have succeeded in getting such enthusiastic occasional helpers and companies with us. It is absolutely wonderful to see how the crisis that is shaking society as a whole is causing people to work together. Together we clearly can achieve anything! says Miikka Mannio, Marketing Director at FREE!.

If your company has a job offer or assignment, you can fill out the form at korona-apu.fi. Once you have completed the form, you will be contacted shortly. The service is free of charge and is intended to alleviate the distress caused by the current employment situation.

If even one is employed through our service, we have achieved our goal! Joonas Tuompo acknowledges.


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