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Did a hammer drop on your toes in the middle of a work assignment? Did something drop on your helmet while doing a gig? Who do I inform, how do I get treatment and what does it cost? 

 We are glad to inform that all the customers of FREE! get an opportunity to use FenniaNurse -service. The service offers an easy and effective way to get treatment in the case of an accident.  

Fennia Nurse has been developed to easen situations in which effortless and fast actions are needed. We want to offer entrepreneurs and light entrepreneurs a comprehensive accident protection and therefore, FenniaNurse is here to support us. 

-In the case of an accident, gaining help is very easy and can be done within one phone call. FenniaNurse, a trained nurse, makes the assessment of the need of care, fills in the claim form and refers the client to research or follow-up care that is needed, describes Fennia’s Partnership Development Manager Niklas Holmberg.

Own insurance number has been created for Free’s users, which can be obtained by contacting Free’s customer service (tel. 0203 323 43). It is a good idea to know the insurance number while contacting FenniaNurse. This ensures your service to be even easier. 

 FenniaNurse serves you every day between 7 AM and 11 PM.

In the event of an accident, proceed as follows:

  1. Call a FenniaNurse by dialing 010 503 5000
  2. FenniaNurse will book a time for the treatment you need directly.
  3. FenniaNurse does the damage report for you.

FenniaNurse directs the customers to services of PihlajaLinna or other partners such as Mehiläinen and Terveystalo. FenniaNurse-service serves over 100.000 customers yearly and the customer satisfaction is at an excellent level. The NPS number measuring the customer satisfaction is around +80 which means that the customers are happy to recommend the service.

-The customer does not need to pay the visit or apply for a compensation afterwards, but Fennia’s partners can bill the treatment straight from Fennia, Holmberg specifies. 

We wish the FenniaNurse service welcome and hope for easy and secured work! 🙂


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