A “small” booklet about light entrepreneurship for the construction industry

30.6.2022 | FREEkly news EN

The “Small” booklet on light entrepreneurship in the construction industry is a guide produced by FREE.fi for light entrepreneurs and those working in the construction industry. The booklet aims to share information, transparency, and facts about light entrepreneurship in the construction industry and dispel myths about the air.

The construction industry is one of the best sectors, where light entrepreneurship offers various solutions and opportunities for companies to which light entrepreneurship brings a solution.

“What makes a booklet great and unique is that it is written in 10 different languages” – Sampo Kurttila, FREE.fi Head of Sales

The booklet contains more information about working as a light entrepreneur in the construction industry.

So far, not enough information has been available on being a light entrepreneur in the construction industry, which is why we have wanted to make this booklet.

The book will be distributed during the summer of 2022 to construction sites in the capital region and later throughout Finland. We aim to reach every person working on a construction site in Finland. In addition, the booklet aims to activate light entrepreneurs, companies, and business decision-makers.

“Our goal is to have a booklet in every break booth and coffee table in the future. Whether the site was bigger or smaller, and the readership is in any language, we want to reach all actors, ”says Sampo

All the necessary information in your mother language

A person who reads a book gets all the information they need to work as a light entrepreneur in the construction industry. The booklet provides the correct details on light entrepreneurship and the opportunities it offers for employment in an alternative way.

The booklet is made in 10 different languages ​​so everyone can get information in their mother language. There are many other people in the construction industry than just those who speak Finnish, in which case the booklet guarantees that they will learn Finnish working life and its rules in their mother language. The booklet gives certainty about the facts so that it is not unclear to anyone what kind of employment they are working for.

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